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About me

Iā€™m Roo and I create jewellery inspired by Ancient World histories. My current collections are inspired by Classical architecture and protective charms. I make these pieces alongside my studies at the University of Bristol.

My aim is to create the jewellery that I've long lusted over in museums and auction catalogues. This project will bring past designs into the present and ancient treasure into the everyday.

EDUCATION & sustainability

I want to revive aspects of Ancient World design culture and educate the wearer about the historical context of my designs, as well as of the cultures that first created them.

I strive to use natural and sustainable materials wherever I can and my work is completely plastic-free. I recycle my own silver in house to create jewels from my waste, and each piece I create is meant to last a lifetime. My accessories are hand crafted to be classics and not fast throwaway fashions.