The Wave Earrings are inspired by ancient Viking torcs, tangles, and twists of precious gold and silver, displayed in the British Museum and Scotland’s National Museum in Edinburgh.

Crafted when I had just one wing, this earring was crafted from soft wax and then cast into a metal sculpture, using the age-old method of lost-wax casting.

Both earrings are the same, yet the earring pin has been attached to the rear and to the front of two separate casts. Therefore the pair sit slightly different as asymmetric rectangular hoop earrings.


Dangle approx 2 inches.

Crafted from brass or recycled 925 sterling silver. Hallmarked in London.

Sterling silver ear pin and scroll fastening.

Made to order:

The pre-sale jewels are all made to order, and all sales from these pieces allow me to put my next collection into production. Upon ordering the piece will be sent to be moulded and then produced. Therefore, please allow up to 3 weeks for production before the jewellery will be dispatched to you. Every piece is hand-finished in London and shall be sent with a small polishing cloth.

To care:

Sterling silver and brass will oxidise with time, so to keep your jewels shiny and pretty I advise removing jewellery when bathing and avoid getting creams, perfumes and chemicals on the pieces. If they get wet, dry them before storing them. If they do oxidise it’s nice and easy to get the shine back! You can use wire wool to scrub a sheen onto brass or use the polishing cloth provided with your order to bring back a gleam.

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