Venus Necklace Golden PRE-SALE

Venus Necklace Golden PRE-SALE



The Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and sexuality. She’s a sculptural reminder of our inner and outer beauty, and she’s a prompt to be generous with your self-loving.

This little lady has been carved from a solid piece of jewellers wax, and then carefully detailed with tiny tools and heat from a candle. She has then been cast into metal using the ancient- rooted production method of lost-wax casting.

Venus is a small pendant to be worn from a chain around the neck, or adorning a bracelet. Whilst she is a sculptural piece of art in her own right, she has been created for everyday wear. Her design has been informed by countless museum collections and antiquities in private hands, and like a classical sculpture, she gleams like radiant gold.



The brass version comes with an 18 inch gold plated twist chain. The twist chain is pictured chain yet the thicker one is a vintage piece (borrowed from my Mother), and not the one which will be received.

Made to order.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your piece to be made especially for you, before it can be dispatched.

Available for a limited time.


Brass and silver both oxidise over time, especially when in contact with water and chemicals. To avoid oxidisation please remove to bathe and swim. Or simply regularly polish your piece with either Brasso, metal specific polishing cloths (which are widely available) or with wire wool or a steel brush. However, the latter options will scratch the surface and make for a more matte shimmery shine.

You will receive a small microfibre polishing cloth with your order, which can be used to polish your Venus pendant. Make sure the piece is dry before being stored.

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