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A winky on the pinky!

This is the Phalloi Ring. This subtly cheeky signet ring is inspired by an ancient Greek design. Boys in ancient Greece would wear phallic rings like these to protect them from the evil eye and witchcraft. Once a boy came of age their phallic ring would be then burned with their childhood possessions.

I spotted this design in the Victoria and Albert museum a couple of years ago and just had to make one for myself. Wear this signet ring and connect to the past.


Carved as a teeny wax sculpture and cast using the ancient-rooted method of lost wax casting

Available in one small size as a pinky ring.

Please send me a message on here or at for a bespoke size.


Please allow 3 weeks for me to produce your piece as they’re cast in Scotland and then hand-finished in London.

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