T L C  =   Tender Loving Care

for your jewellery. 


To store... 

To keep your jewellery beautiful please store it inside the 100% cotton pouch provided. This will prevent other materials from rubbing against and scratching the surfaces. Avoid putting perfumes, creams and lotions on the pieces. Please remove jewellery when you bathe, shower or swim, and even when you sleep so that you don't risk damaging yourself or your jewellery! 

Please avoid or be careful wearing jewellery with large looped knits and loose clothing as jewellery can get caught in such fabrics and sadly break if under force. 


To clean...  

Maple wood hoops:

To clean your hoops please only use warm soapy water. Gently wipe the surface with a cotton cloth, damped with a mild soapy solution. You can even use the 100% cotton drawstring pouch that your jewellery arrived in. However, please make sure to completely air dry the pouch before you use it to safely store your jewels in again! My maple wood jewellery is always varnished yet its colour may still change slightly over time.


Avoid getting your pearls wet! Even though they’re born from the ocean they actually really don’t like moisture and it can cause permanent damage to your shiny pearls. Wipe clean with a dry cloth if you need to. My vegan pearls available at Collection & Co are faux and made from vintage plastic and glass. These can just be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Whilst silver can be worn it water I would advise removing anyway to be extra safe! Metal specific polishing cloths can be purchased if you wish to rebuff and add extra glow to your jewellery. Silver can also darken as it oxodises, especially if unworn. Wear it more and it will stay sparkly. This is the nature of the natural materials I use and they are not manufacturing faults. 



All of my jewellery is crafted by my two hands in Bristol, UK. Every piece is a unique creation and slow made to last well. I truly want you to love, wear and keep your pieces. My designs are are not throw-away fashions but they're made as sustainable accessories for you to treasure. If anything does happen to damage your jewellery, either by accident, or if you believe it's a fault of my craftswoman-ship, then please don't hesitate to contact me. I will endeavour to fix things where I can. Please refer to my T & C page to learn more.